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Course Q7503: Principles of Software Project Management

Instructor: John Musser

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Syllabus Required Texts Class Notes Assigned URLs
 Syllabus (html version)
 Syllabus (60K MS-Word file)
Required Texts
 McConnell, Steve, "Rapid Development"
 Schwalbe, Kathy, "Information Technology Project Management"
Class Notes
 Session 1 (375K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 2 (590K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 3 (630K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 4 (460K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 5 (450K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 6 (235K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 7 (105K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 8 (540K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 9 (325K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 10 (170K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 11 (195K MS-PowerPoint file)
 Session 12 (164K MS-PowerPoint file)

(PowerPoint viewer for those who don't have PowerPoint)

URLs assigned as required reading
 For class 3, briefly review the Sample Software Development Plan from the companion site to McConnell's "Software Project Survival Guide"
 For class 9: Read Earned Value Plain & Simple
Recommended Books
 Brooks, Frederick P., "The Mythical Man-Month" (an all-time classic, read a version at
 DeMarco, Tom, "Peopleware" (terrific on how to handle people issues)
 McConnell, Steve, "Software Project Survival Guide" (very thin but to the point)
 Futrell, Shafer, Shafer; "Quality Software Project Management" (extremely thorough and well-written)
 Kerzner, Harold, "Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 8th Ed." ("bible" of general project management; textbook-ish)
 Larman, Craig, "Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide", excellent overview and comparison of agile development approaches
 Larman, Craig, "Applying UML and Patterns, 3rd Ed.", the best introduction to OO analysis, design, and UML available (with more at his site)
 Highsmith, Jim, "Agile Project Management : Creating Innovative Products", readable blend of Agile software development and PM technique
 Wysocki, Robert, "Effective Project Management, 3rd Ed.", good introductory PM book
 Berkun, Scott, "The Art of Project Management", terrific, readable, witty, comprehensive
 Lauesen, Soren, "Software Requirements: Styles and Techniques", good comparitive overview of requirements techniques
 Rothman, Johanna; Derby, Esther , "Behind Closed Doors Secrets of GreatManagement", a recommended guide to management skills for PM's
* Stellman, Andrew; Greene, Jennifer , "Applied Software Project Management", very practical project management advice (new O'Reilly title)
Microsoft Project

Product home page at Microsoft


Books with trial Version

 Chatfield, "Microsoft Office Project 2003 Step by Step" $19.79 at amazon (covers basics well, lots of pictures)
 Stover, "Microsoft Project 2003 Inside Out" $32.99 at amazon (hefty reference from Microsoft Press)

Buying MS Project $69.98 for MS-Project 2003 Standard (with student ID) $513.99 for MS-Project 2003 Standard
 Discount pricing for non-profits at
MS-Project Plans
 Very good samples at Department of Energy (DOE), scroll to bottom
 Sample Software Schedule (.zip containing .mpp file) at (McConnel's Survival Guide)
 RUP-oriented software project plan (.zip containing .mpp file), also with Use Case and Project Charter templates (from "Developing Applications with Java and UML" by Paul R. Reed, Jr.)
Other MS-Project Resources
 Usenet/Deja discussion group microsoft.public.project (at Google)
 Discussion Forum on MS-Project questions
 Creating MS-Project Templates
 Using MS-Project Filters
 Understanding MS-Project Constraints
 Very good MS Project tutorials by Mike Glen
 Project-related downloads at Microsoft's site
 MPA: the Microsoft Project Association (formerly MPUG)
Sample SOW and Project Charter Docs
 Sample Statement of Work (Mill Group Multimedia Corp)
 Complex SOW (.mil)
 Project Charter: definition and example (at MIT)
 Sample Project Charter: Eclipse Tools
 Project Charter description from Canada's treasury CIO branch (or view complete version)
 Sample Project Charter at (Steve McConnell's site)
 Sample Project Charter (
 How to Write an RFP for a Web Project
Sample Software Development Plans
 Sample Software Development Plan (Word DOC) at
 Sample Project Plan including charter (State of CA)
 Sample Software Development Plan from this companion site to McConnell's "Software Project Survival Guide"
 Sample Software Project Plan from R.S.Pressman & Associates Inc. "Adaptive Process Model"
 Example development plan from a .mil project (C-SAWS)
 Good example development plan from DOE
 Very good sample RUP Plan (PDF)
Other Project Documents (free)
 PM Templates and Checklists at State of Texas (with good Risk Factors lists)
 Excellent collection of PM and Software Development documents, templates and checklists (.doc/.mpp files) at Department of Energy (DOE)
 Software Project Survival Guide documents
 Phases and associated documents (at EPRI corp)
 Good misc document templates from dkjest (also includes links to PMBOK PDFs) at Phil Wolff's site
 Many project management examples, checklists, and templates from Washington State Dept of IS
 Sample project documents at State of NC office
 Sample requirements/analysis document templates at (based on book "Software Requirements")
* Variety of PM templates: Plans, Schedules, Requirements, QA and others. From O'Reilly authors Stellman and Greene.
Project Methodology
 Full PMI PMBOK (PDF), older 1996 edition, details on new 2004 edition here
 PRINCE2, Projects in Controlled Environments, from the UK's Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
 Good presentation comparing PMBOK and PRINCE2
 Sample Project Management Methodology (PMM) at State of Michigan (with document templates)
 Example project lifecycle of a software consultant/vendor (CDD Inc)
 Sample lifecycle for small-to-medium database applications from the consultancy Elucidata Sercices
 Project Management Best Practices from the Giga Research group
 Safety First: Avoiding Software Mishaps and Software Safety by the Numbers on managing safety-critical software projects
 Process On Demand from BOT International, set of Sarbanes-Oxley compliant PM/PMO processes (w/other resources such as PM Tip of the Week)
* Method123 MPMM: a large set of PM templates and related PM methodology from vendor Method123.
* Prince2 User Group: a support resource for the Prince2 method.
Project Management Software
 Microsoft Project, the project management software with largest market share
 eProject a leading web-based hosted ASP solution
 Open Workbench an 'Open source alternative to MS Project', formerly Project Workbench from Niku Corp
 Milestones Simplicity and their Professional product
 AMS Realtime
 Primavera Project Manager
 Artemis 7 and Artemis Views
 Good index and links to project management software and useful software (including Excel based tools)
 Nice review from TechRepublic comparing low-cost PM tools: Project Kickstart, MinuteMan, PlanBee, ProjeX, Mission Manager, Intellisys Project Desktop
 Fasttrack Schedule from ACE Software, good graphic output and Mac support
 ProSight high-end portfolio management tools
 UMT project portfolio management software and consulting specialists
 Clarity portfolio management and governance tools from Niku
 Business Engine portfolio management web-based tool suite
 Auego5 portfolio management tools (European-based)
 Software Lifecycle tool suite from QSM for estimation, tracking and analysis (lots of metrics)
 i-lign PM tools with focus on business alignment, from New Zealand startup
 Artifact a pay-as-you-go service for managing outsourced software development projects
 Short outline of PM Tools
 Intellisys Project Desktop a low-cost cross-platform PM tool (supports Linux, Mac, Windows)
 Open source PM tools: OpenSched, Projectory, jxProject a free advertising supported product, Tucows list of Linux PM tools
 QMind team collaboration platform supporing e-learning and PM
 Clockware web-based time tracking with MS Project integration
 Vertabase Pro, web-based project management suite
 More open source project management software: Imendio Planner for GNOME desktop, GanttProject at
 GForge, open source tool for team collaboration, code mgmt, etc (derived from SourceForge codebase)
 iToolsControl, web-based portfolio management tools (New Zealand based company)
 @task desktop and enterprise project management package
 MindManager, great brainstorming and visualization tool. Useful for PMs.
 Business Arts, a set of Excel-based planning tools
* Goplan, flexible, useful online project management system. Free and paid plans.
Other Project Management Software and Tools

Many of these I have not used in practice so I'm not "vouching" for them here, just want you to know they exist. Many have downloadable trial versions if you want to test-drive them (they often integrate in some way with MS-Project).

 Project Kickstart a brainstorming and early planning tool
 WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT from Critical Tools
 Timesheet Professional project-oriented time and activity tracking
 A "Project Control Panel" (graphically interesting; maybe of limited real value)
 iTeamwork free web-based, low-end PM tool
 FogBugz very good, web-based bug/feature/PM product from Fog Creek Software (Joel Spolsky)
 BaseCamp, interesting low-cost hosted service (ASP)
 Plan on the, another example of web-based project management software
 BPS Project, web-native PM collaboration software offers online tools for PM and virtual team collaboration
 eTaskMaker from InterPlan Systems, specializing in oil/petrol industry
 Listing of "Software Engineering" Tools like CASE tools (but not PM specific-tools)
 Comparison of Free/Open Source Project Hosting sites
* Side Job track, web-based tool for managing 'side jobs'
Development Methodology
 Lots of links on development methodologies at Cetus Links
 Leading Agile Methodologies: Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal Clear, Feature Driven Development (FDD)
 RUP: Rational Unified Process (RUP) at IBM (Rational acquired in 2002)
 Planning An Iterative Project (by Phillippe Krutchen at Rational)
 Extreme Methodologies for an Extreme World
 A Rational Development Process by Philippe Kruchten in Crosstalk magazine story on XP "Totally Awesome Software?"
 "The Case Against XP"
 "Taking Programming to the Extreme" on agile methods at MIT Review
 Heavyweight vs. Lightweight Methodologies Links to many leading methodologies
 Don't Say the "P" Word editorial on Processes
 The Spiral Model as a Tool for Evolutionary Acquisition
 Agile Software Development for the Entire Project, a Crosstalk article on agile techniques across team roles
 WBS: History and overview
 NASA Tools for WBS
 Build Your WBS With Microsoft Project at
Scheduling and Estimating
 See also Software Metrics section below for Function Points, COCOMO, etc.
 Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook (from NASA)
 Crosstalk Magazine with good Estimation articles: from the DoD
 Estimation Games People Play
 10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation by Steve McConnell (requires free registration)
 Software Cost Estimation in 2002 by Capers Jones, Crosstalk magazine
 Ideas on Estimating Web Development Costs (from Crosstalk magazine)
 SCEW: Software Cost Estimation Web Site
 Estimating Software Costs from SD Magazine (requires paid registration), Part 2, Pt 3, Pt 4
 Parametric Estimating Handbook
 Estimating Software Costs Griffith University lecture notes
 How to Defend an Unpopular Schedule
 Links to cost estimation tools
 "Reducing Bias in Software Project Estimates" from Crosstalk magazine
 To Err is Human, To Estimate, divine, an Information Week review of 2 estimation products: Cost Xpert and KnowledgePlan
 Estimating Object-Oriented Software Projects with Use Cases well-written, but long thesis paper (read sect 1-3)
 Estimation of Effort Based on Use Cases in iterative, fixed-cost projects at Rational Software
 Painless Software Scheduling, very good essay and technique from Joel Spolsky
* Schedule Chicken, fun but insightful blog post from Jim Carson
PERT, CPM, Network Analysis
 PERT Practice from Mark Kelly at McKinnon College in AU
 O-R Models for Network Analysis (operations research quant-oriented view into PERT/CPM), with Tutorial questions
 Recommended Requirements Gathering Practices
 Requirements Engineering as a Success Factor in Software Projects
 Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design one of many good books by Gerald M. Weinberg
 Volere Requirements Resources, UK-based site with templates, links and other resources on requirements
 JAD on Shoestring Budget (with good links to other JAD resources)
 Systems Analysis Web Sites
 10 Requirements traps to Avoid
 Reducing Risks Through Proper Specification of Software Requirements
 Requirements Risks Can Drown Software Projects
 Writing Software Requirements Specifications at TECHWR-L, site for technical writers
 Sample requirements document at EPRI
 Sample requirements document at with lots of Use Case resources
 Example CRUD Matrix
 Automating Requirements Management review of leading RM tools
 Requirements software: Telelogic DOORS, market leading requirements management tool
 Requirements software: Rational's RequisitePro targeted for RUP-based environments
 Requirements software: Borland's CaliberRM collaborative requirements management system
 Requirements software: iRise requirements 'visualization' software
 Requirements software: eRequirements, specialized tool from small startup
 Requirements software: a web-based, hosted requirements management application
* Requirements software: Simunication online requirements visualization software
* Requirements software: Accept Software with unique collaboration capabilities and automatic MRD and PRD generation
Risk Management
 Introduction to Risk & Risk Managment in Software Projects
 Keep Your Project on track via risk mgmt with Top-10 Risk List example (SD Magazine)
 Know Your Enemy: Software Risk Management (at Process Impact, a good software process site)
 Klogging Project Risk with very nice Excel spreadsheet for risk management
 Checklist of Common Schedule Risks (from McConnell)
 Risk Management in the SDLC
 Risk Management Fundamentals in Software Development from Crosstalk magazine
 Assessing Softare Risk from Crosstalk magazine
 Example Top 10 Risk List from McConnell's Survival Guide
Software Metrics
 Fundamentals of Function Point Analysis from Int'l Function Point Users's Group
 Function Point FAQ
 Overview of various software metrics
 Using Function Points to Govern Outsourced Applications
 Book: Function Point Analysis Garmus & Herron
 Function Points for "humorous" buttons
 Function Points Manual (complete 100 page detailed tutorial)
 NIST paper giving overview of software metrics
 Web-based Metrics Tools including simple Java-based Function Point calculator, COCOMO, and CMM tools
 Software by the Numbers: An Overview of the Software Metrics Landscape
 Basic Performance Measurement (.doc format) from DOE
 Guidelines for Software Measurement (.doc format) from DOE
 Focusing Measurement on Manager's Information Needs
 "IT Metrics for Success" article from InformationWeek
 Let the Numbers Do the Talking comparison of measurements across languages & industries
Earned Value Analysis
 Earned Value Web Site at Office of Under Secretary of Defense, with good training Center
 Earned Value, Clear and Simple (PDF)
 Earned Value Terms Used in MS-Project
 Earned Value in MS-Project 2000 at
 Gaining Confidence in Using ROI and Earned Value at Crosstalk Magazine
 Earned Value Project Management at Crosstalk Magazine
 Analysis of Earned Value Data
 Software Project Planning, Statistics, and Earned Value from Crosstalk magazine
Testing/Quality Assurance (QA) General
 Detailed Introduction to Software Testing
* History's Worst Software Bugs
 Software QA FAQ at Rick Hower's Software QA/Test Resource Center
 They Write the Right Stuff article from Fast Company on NASA's software development methods
 Software Errors Cost Billions article from Reuters new service
 Surviving the Top 10 Challenges in Software Test Automation
 200 QA Interview Questions
 QA Forums extensive testing discussion site
 Software Quality Engineer Certification Study Guide
 The Elusive Tester to Developer Ratio (and Johanna Rothman's take on same)
 Good Collection of QA articles at Rice Consulting
 Index of Web Site Monitoring Tools
 Misc web-based defect tracking:, MetaQuest Census, Scarab open-source 'artifact mgmt'
 trac, low-cost, web-based with built-in wiki (does more than defect tracking)
 Mantis, open-source defect tracking
 FogBugz from Fog Creek Software (see above in PM tools), also more than defect tracking
 Good QA Links from
 ISO 9000 In Plain English at Praxicom Research
QA Documents
 Sample Web Site Test Plan from
 Sample Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP) from DOE
 Sample Test Plans from
 Sample Test Plans from
 Sample Test Plan from
Contract & Procurement Management
 Some Lessons Learned on Software Development Contracts from Crosstalk magazine
 Understanding Teaming Agreements
Team Management
 The Mix and Match Approach (CIO mag story about matrix team mgmt with rotation)
 Architect Your Effectiveness, from an interesting presentation at earlier AYE conference
 "From Project Manager to Project Leader"
 "Life, Death, and the Psychology of a Project" at Baseline magazine
Configuration Management
 CM Plans: The Beginning of Your CM Solution from SEI (CMU Software Engineering Institute)
 CM Today's CM Yellow Pages
 Sample Software Configuration Management Plans at DOE
 Sample chapter (PDF), "What is Configuration Management" from the very good book "Configuration Management Principles and Practice" by Anne Mette Jonassen Hass
Release/Deployment Process
 Sample release checklist from Steve McConnell's Survival Guide Site
Transition and Closure
 transition Plan Template from DOE (MS-Word .doc)
 Project Templates including Closure Reports with completed examples at the Tasmanian State Government
 Project Close-Out process overview from Missouri Office of IT (MS-Word .doc)
 Post Implementation Review Guideline from New South Wales Dept of Public Works, Austrailia
 Good set of Project Management templates and checklists from Arkansas Dept of IS (in Word and PDF formats)
 Excellent sample Post Implementation Review (.doc) from Queensland University, Austrailia (with other good templates)
 Close Out: The Forgotten Phase
 Interesting Post-Mortem on Development of game "Heavy Metal" from a good series on (game industry site, requires free membership)
 Society for Effective Lessons Learned Sharing (SELLS)
 Close the Project resources at the University of Washington
Project Recovery
 Case Studies in Project Recovery from Steve McConnell's "Rapid Development"
 Mathematical approach to project recovery from Crosstalk Magazine
CMM / Maturity Models
 An overview of maturity models
 Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
* SEI's CMMI IPPD: Integrated Product and Process Development and set of PowerPoints on IPPD
 PMI's OPM3 PM maturity model
 Other CMU Capability Maturity Models
 Example of how companies use CMM certification for marketing (Wipro Technologies in this case)
 Misconceptions of the Capability Maturity Model
 Surviving a CMM Assesment
 Article on how CMMI is replacing CMM
 Excellent "Understanding the Time Value of Money" articles and interactive calculators at Corporate Finance Live
 The ROI of IT collection of articles from CIO Magazine
 Another good article on the Time Value of Money at Investopedia
 A Buyer's Guide to IT Value Methodologies from CIO mag: traditional/quantitative/probablistic methods
 IT Value: Tools and Techniques, a collection of articles from CIO mag
 Artemis 7, with some interesting screenshots shown
 Links to sample business cases
 ROI for the Rest of Us (requires free membership)
 PlanView high-end PM tools vendor
 Financial Primer: ROI, NPV, Payback and IRR from
 Justifying a Business Web Site
 Realizing ROI on IT from Network Magazine (India)
 Demo of ROI Analyst a tool for sales teams to demonstrate value
 Computerworld magazine's ROI section
PM Blogs & Social Networks
 Johanna Rothman's Managing Product Development blog, always interesting
 Projectified, Brian Kennemer's excellent blog on MS Project
 Esther Derby's Software (Management) Process Improvement blog
 Hal Macomber, Reforming Project Management blog, great advice, thought provoking & fun site Joel calls "painless software management"
 Theory Of Constraints (TOC)-centric blogs: Clarke Ching, Frank Patrick, Tony Rizzo. See AGI-Goldratt Institute for more on TOC.
 Patrick Mayfield's blog on PRINCE2 and MSP
 Glen Alleman's blog 'Herding Cats' and his comprehensive set of resources at Niwot Ridge
 Tags: PM on TagCloud
 Tags: Project+Management on Technorati
 Tags: Project+Management on Feedster
 Tags: tag "Project+Management" (and tags back to here)
* Scott Berkun's blog on PM and his excellent O'Reilly book The Art of Project Management (see also his good essays)
* Project Management Source blog with PM news, reviews and related items
PM Organizations
 Project Management Institute (PMI)
 American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm)
 International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM)
 APM Group, UK accreditation specialist, see PPM Diploma
 Association for Project Management, Europe's largest independent PM organization, UK-based. See their APM Body of Knowledge (PDF)
PM Events*
 PMI SeminarsWorld
 PMI links to other PM-related events
 ProjectWorld Nov 15-18, 2005
Portfolio Management*
 Project Portfolio Mgmt (from CIO Magazine)
 Portfolio Management Forum run by vendor ProSight but with good discussions/articles/links
 Consider Architecture in Project Portfolio Mgmt (from CIO Magazine)
 Best Practices for Project Management Offices (PMO's)
 See also section on Project Management Software above
 PMI Certification
 CompTIA Project+ certification
* PMP Certification Group with large, activity community. Good forum and study docs in files section.
 Free PMP exam demo with 200 sample questions (requires registration)
 Rita Mulcahy's book PMP Exam Prep is pricey but very good
 PM Campus is a more established PMP training corp, with online exams and 25 question demo (signup required)
* ESI International, one of the largest global PM training companies
* American Management Association (AMA), offer both basic and advanced project management training
URLs of Interest
 Dave W Farthing's Software Project Management Links page (University of Glamorgan, UK)
 Very good articles on management and more by Johanna Rothman
 Software Development Magazine's Articles on Project Management
 PMBOK Guide Chapter 3 free (PDF)
 StickyMinds, comprehensive software development resource, mix of free and premium content
 A Project Management Pimer good overview from Nick Jenkins, a free release under Creative Commons license
 16 Critical Software Practices at Software Program Managers Network (SPMN) project management tools and resources
 Comprehensive PM Dictionary at Project Auditors
 Very interesting thread on visualizing PM data at Edward Tufte's great site and his Ask E.T. Forum
 , good set of PM guidelines. From Jim McCarthy at Microsoft, author of Dynamics of Software Development
* Wikipedia's Project Management entry, with some good reference links
Sites with Premium PM Content, online community for IT project managers, some premium/$
 Method123: Project management templates/$ various PM resources, some premium/$ PM resources, some premium/$ IT resources, some PM, many premium/$ document and project plan templates (some free to PMI members)
PM Magazines
 Baseline Magazine: Excellent monthly on PM (with an IT focus)
 PM Network: PMI's monthly magazine (partial content online)
 Crosstalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering (not just PM, but excellent resource)
 Chief Project Officer, new magazine spring 2005, "The Resource for Managing Porfolios of Projects"
 Project Management Journals and Magazines, comprehensive descriptions and links at PM Forum
 IT magazines often with PM content: CIO, Darwin, CIO Insight, Software Development (login required)
 Controlling Chaos Podcast
 Jerry Manas Monthly Project Management Series
 PM Lessons Learned Podcast
 PMI Information System SIG Podcast
 Project Management Training, Consulting & Management Training Courses by TSI, requires iTunes
 The PMO Podcast
 The Project Management Podcast
 The Project Management PrepCast
Project Management Dictionaries / Glossaries*
 Good dictionary at Project Auditors
 Project Management Glossary from Max Wideman
* "No Silver Bullet: Essense and Accidents of Software Engineering", the classic essay from Frederick P. Brooks
 10 Budgetary Black Holes that can suck funds from your IT project budget
 The 36 Classic Mistakes by Steve McConnell (from his book "Rapid Development")
* Anatomy of a Disaster: How the FBI Blew It, InfoWorld profile of FBI's recent runaway Virtual Case File project
 SWEBOK: Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (from IEEE)
 Quantitative IT Portfolio Management (academic, highly-quantitative view of portfolio mgmt)
 "The Frameworks Quagmire, a Brief Look"
 State of CA, IT PM Guidelines
 Brandeis U Sample Charter (really more of a SPMP)
 Project Magazine, a modest site with PM-related content
 NASA's Manager's Handbook for Software Development (from 1990 but quite a good reference)
 "The Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning" (from IEEE Software)
 See Some Interesting Discussions on SD Mag's Project Mgmt & Process msg boards
 A PM Producivity Checklist
 20 Secrets of Successful Project Management
 Optimizing Project Success by Matching Mgmt Style to Project Type
 Microsoft's "MS-Project" Team Eats Their Own Dog Food
 Project Clarity Through Stakeholder Analysis
 Project Scheduling According to Dr. Goldratt on Critical Chain scheduling
 Distributed Development: Insights, Challenges, and Solutions
 Seven Characteristics of Dysfunctional Software Projects
 Scope Creep: Mastering Morph Management
 The CHAOS Report from the Standish Group
 Niwot Ridge Resources, lots of good PM-related links
 NASA Change Control (cartoon)
 Project Management Proverbs
 PM Jokes
Getting a PM Job
* Project Management Career Search page at
 Ask These Questions before hiring a PM consultant from Career Development section
 "Careers in Project Management" at
 PMI Career HQ
 NYC PMI chapter's Career Corner
Job & Salary-Related Links
 Real IT Industry Salaries Good search function. (can use this to assign resource costs in your plan) (a Benefits function shows base+loading costs)
 10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Great Project Leader
 Contracting: How Do You Rate?, IT Contractor mag article on salaries (shows PM jobs get highest $$)

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